List and loll

A vessel is said to be listed when she is inclined by forces within the vessel, e.g. movement of weight within the vessel. A list reduces the stability of the vessel. When a list is corrected by simultaneously increasing the displacement mass, the additional weight should be placed as low as possible in the vessel.



A vessel is said to be heeled when she is inclined by waves and the wind.


The term “loll” describes the state of a vessel which is unstable when upright and which floats at an angle from the upright to one side or the other. If an external force, e.g. a wave or wind, changes this state, the vessel will float at the same angle to the other side. Loll is quite different from list or heel, since it requires different counter-measures to correct as it is caused by different circumstances. Therefore it is very important that fishermen are able to distinguish between these terms.

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